How Can I Stop Getting Infected?

How can I stop getting infected?

We all have the nagging question in our minds of ‘how can I stop getting infected?’ Although we are starting to get a better handle on it, the threat of COVID is still very much out there, so it is important for us to remain vigilant. By investing in the right mask, you can keep yourself protected and protect those close to you.

At WaivLength, we are proud to have brought the first reusable medical silicone mask to the UK. Our mask is unlike anything else out there, and here are two important reasons why it is the right choice for you…

The mask

Made from medical silicone, the mask has a permanently antimicrobial surface, which means it actively stops the spread of bacteria. As well as being comfortable to wear, it is easy to sterilise without using hand sanitiser or disinfectant. To keep it clean, just pop it in a microwave, oven or boiling water for five minutes and insert a new replacement FFP2 filter.

The filter

The filters remove at least 94% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger and can last up to six hours. We recommend changing the FFP2 replacement filters after each use to provide optimal protection. Whereas other masks are only rated for their exhalation efficiency, our reusable FFP2 filters are tested for both inhalation and exhalation — meaning they protect the wearer as well as those around them.