Where To Buy High Quality PPE Equipment

Do you know where to buy high-quality PPE equipment?

The demand for high-quality PPE equipment has never been greater due to the pandemic. People from all walks of life are in need of PPE equipment that keeps them, as well as those around them, safe. If you wish to wear a mask that keeps you protected from the virus, our medical-grade mask is a worthwhile investment.

At WaivLength, we are proud to introduce you to the first reusable medical silicone mask available in the UK.

In comparison to other masks that are only rated for their exhalation efficiency, our mask comes with reusable FFP2 filters, which are tested for inhalation and exhalation. What’s more, the FFP2 filters are rated to stop 94% of particles at 0.3 microns (the most-penetrating particle size and, therefore, the most difficult size to capture). This means our masks are designed to protect both the user and those around them.

When you buy our mask with changeable filters for just £17.53, you will get:

  • 1 x reusable medical silicone face mask with straps
  • 2 x plastic inserts
  • 30 x replacement FFP2 filters

To buy high-quality PPE equipment, purchase through our website today.