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The devices featured can be used by a wide variety of businesses including dermatologists,  beauty parlours, spas, independent beauticians and any business offering cosmetic and wellbeing treatments to help maximise their clients’ wow factor using a variety of methods to target conditions including:

The combination of Magnetotherapy and Phototherapy to achieve the Magnetic Light treatment provided by these devices as well as the Diffusion treatments made possible by combining by an Ultrasound treatment with a variety of skin products* help deliver amazing results.

*Contact your WaivLength representative and they will be able to recommend a range of products including varicose veins, anti-cellulite and slimming products aimed at certain parts of the body with a variety of active ingredients. The range also focuses on skin firming, toning, wrinkle reduction, anti-aging and a variety of other skin conditions, making them the perfect addition to your WaivLength treatment.