Combining different technologies and how it can impact on results? A discussion of how combining Ultrasound and Phototherapy showed huge potential for combining different therapies.

A study was undertaken on a woman in Brazil by a team out of the university of Sao Paulo, they used a woman who had severe osteoarthritis of the knees which had been worsening over 12 years to the point where here functionality was severely impaired., she was unable to undertake many tasks and it was having a severe impact on her quality of life.

“In 2010, in a Cochrane review, the effects of therapeutic ultrasound were shown to have great potential in reducing pain and improving the functional capacity of patients with this disease. Similarly, laser therapy has been used to modulate pain. The studies are based on the anti-inflammatory effect of light as an explanation for the improvement of pain”

The purpose of this study was to determine how the different therapies would complement each other. The woman was given 12 sessions two per week and the results were incredible with a reported drop of up to 95% in pain, 60% in stiffness and almost 57% in disability.

The study indicates that a combination of Ultrasound and Phototherapy could yield results greater than either therapy alone although it is worth noting that more detailed research needs to be undertaken.

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