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Whether you have been ‘shielding’ and need a higher level of protection, have previously had COVID-19 and want to keep yourself safe in the future, are a business owner looking to protect your staff as they return to the workplace or you are just tired of buying unsustainable and expensive single-use masks — we have the answer.

Our innovative mask is the first reusable mask in the UK that can be sterilised in just five minutes, without the need for disinfectant or hand sanitiser.

The proven technology of medical silicone, with its highly efficient antimicrobial properties, is at the core of our mask design. Combined with our FFP2-rated filters, our mask offers complete protection to both you and the people around you in a simple, affordable solution. Through our products, we can ensure everyone has access to clean and inexpensive masks — preventing the prolonged use of disposable masks which increases the risk of contamination and damages the environment.

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The medical silicone is sterilisable in the microwave at 600W, in the oven at 100 ° or in boiling water for five minutes.

The plastic inserts can also be sterilised by placing in boiling water for five minutes or cleaning with >75% alcohol hand sanitiser. Do not place the plastic inserts into the oven or microwave.

To maintain optimal protection and breathability, it is recommended to sterilise the mask and replace the filter at least once every six hours and immediately after exiting a hazardous environment.

Wearing the mask

Insert the cords into the clasps on the side of the mask (one at the top and one at the bottom).

Wear the mask by placing the straps behind the head and nape of the neck and adjusting them according to your comfort, ensuring a tight seal.

Make sure the straps are tight enough to create a clean seal between your face and all the edges of the mask.

Then just breathe normally and enjoy your daily life in the knowledge that you are protected.

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