Did you know that a recent study published in the Journal of Novel Physiotherapies confirms a pain reduction of more than 75% if ultra-laser is applied to the hands?

Magnetotherapy, ultrasound and phototherapy have long been used to successfully treat and manage a range of ailments without medication or surgery. These technologies can treat various conditions of the hands and feet, including trigger finger, Dupuytren’s contracture, De Quervain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, rhizarthrosis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot, Charcot foot and tendonitis.

Ultrasound, phototherapy and magnetotherapy can also be used to combat various pathologies of the whole body and skin — including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, acne and skin ulcers.


Magnetotherapy (also known as ‘magnotherapy’) is a form of physiotherapy that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate tissue regeneration and natural organic defences. However, it also acts on bone tissues, lymphatic tissues and muscles — accelerating trophism and promoting the rehabilitation process.

Although magnetotherapy is typically applied to treat ailments of the skeleton, skeletal muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, cartilage and other connective tissue, post-traumatic pathologies also respond particularly well to this type of treatment.

From minor sprains to serious fractures, all traumatic events can benefit from this therapy, often with surprising recovery times. Even bone pathologies treated with magnetotherapy have shown faster repair processes and shorter recovery times.

Magnotherapy also has beneficial effects on the central-peripheral nervous system (including the brain and spinal cord) and inflammations; for example, by promoting analgesic action, resolving muscle spasms and accelerating soft tissue healing processes.


Ultrasound therapy is one of the most common forms of physical therapy treatment and has been around since the Second World War.

An ultrasound is an acoustic vibration with frequencies above the audible limit, namely higher than 20,000 Hz. Through this treatment, ultrasound energy is absorbed by tissues and is then converted into heat — hence why it is classified as mechanical thermal therapy. The thermal increase affects not only the superficial but also the deep tissue structures. 

Treatment can be administered in two different ways — either by direct contact or by immersion — to treat all pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. This form of therapy is particularly effective where an analgesic effect is desired, such as to treat sciatica and neuritis.

Ultrasound therapy can also be used to treat ailments such as scapulohumeral periarthritis (sometimes referred to as ‘frozen shoulder’), epicondylitis (‘tennis elbow’) and Dupuytren’s contracture, as well as improve the effectiveness of kinesiotherapy sessions.


In recent years, considerable research has been carried out on the effect of specific types of light on skin rejuvenation, tissue biostimulation and the treatment of dermatological pathologies such as acne, pre-cancerous skin lesions and non-melanoma skin tumours.

Phototherapy light — and, in particular, intense blue light with infrareds — has proved highly effective in the treatment of skin ulcers, moderate forms of acne and against skin ageing. Treatment can be carried out without an activator (ALA) by exploiting infrared light’s ability to optimise tissue metabolism and promote photo rejuvenation. Blue light also binds the bacteria that cause acne and are responsible for the inflammatory phases of the condition, reducing it considerably.

Thanks to its biostimulation capabilities, photocatalysis light treatment can also be used to reduce healing times after peeling treatments and laser surgery or accelerate the post-surgical healing of wounds.

The WaivLength portfolio

Through ultrasound, phototherapy and magnotherapy, WaivLength’s selection of medical devices can be used to treat a broad range of ailments and pathologies of the hands, feet, body and skin.

The GENESIS, SONIMED and SONICLIFE devices are designed to be used in various settings — including outpatient departments, physio clinics, spas or even directly at patients’ home. All of the devices are also suitable for use by medical and paramedical personnel as well as patients (if correctly informed on the methods of use).


GENESIS is a medical appliance developed to exploit the properties of ultrasound, photocatalysis, magnotherapy and TENS for specific therapeutic applications focusing on the feet and legs. Our feet are indispensable for our daily life, yet few of us realise how delicate they are or how much they need specific care and great attention.

The GENESIS platform is easy to use and highly effective. Moreover, thanks to the remote control, the desired programme can also be set, and treatment started whilst the user remains comfortably seated.


SONICLIFE is the definitive treatment device for hands that works against all pain from arthrosis and inflammation — including chronic pain in the hands, wrists, elbows and even pain from fibromyalgia.

Thanks to its ultra-laser, ultrasonic and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), magnetotherapy and adjustable electrostimulation technologies, SONICLIFE can relieve users’ pain in a simple and efficient manner.


SONIMED is a complete and effective system for offering a combination of magnotherapy, blue and infrared photocatalysis and ultrasound therapy for beauty treatments and those dedicated to physical wellbeing. The medical device uses these latest-generation treatment technologies to create a deep regenerating effect that stimulates the natural defences of the body and skin. The result is an evident rejuvenating effect.

With 51 therapeutic programmes, 54 beauty programmes and 36 magnetic light programmes, the versatility of the SONIMED platform means that, during the same session, it is possible to use both ultrasound and magnetic light treatments simultaneously or to activate them as required.

Discover more about these med-tech devices and their full range of applications and programmes today.