30 x FFP2 Filters

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30 x replacement FFP2 filters for our reusable medical silicone face mask

Disposable FFP2 masks offer a much higher level of protection than reusable face coverings like cloth masks, which are not tested for efficiency at all, and disposable Type-IIR surgical masks, which are only certified to prevent the user from infecting those around them but not to protect the user themselves. However, single-use FFP2 masks are expensive and create a substantial amount of waste.

Our replaceable FFP2 filters last up to six hours and can be changed easily after each use. FFP2 filters capture particles 10 times smaller than standard Type-IIR surgical masks* and provide two-way filtration to protect both the wearer and those around them. Our replaceable FFP2 filters are available at a fraction of the cost of disposable FFP2 masks and create 80–90% less waste material — offering complete protection in an affordable, sustainable and convenient solution.

These filters are designed to be used with our reusable respirator-style facepiece — an innovative mask made from an antimicrobial medical-grade silicone material that prevents contamination and moulds to your face, resulting in 8% less leakage. The mask can also be sterilised in just five minutes using a microwave, oven or boiling water.

To maintain optimal protection and breathability, we recommended sterilising your mask and replacing the filter at least once every six hours (and immediately after exiting a hazardous environment).

*Removes at least 94% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger.

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Completely reusable and sterilisable medical silicone.
Permanently antibacterial, reducing the risk of infection and bad odours caused by sweating.
Innovative ergonomic design for comfortable prolonged use.
Replaceable FFP2-rated filters are available.

CE, FDA and IEC certified:
IEC 61882: 2016
IEC 61511-1: 2016,
FDA EU 2002/72 / CE

Medical silicone in accordance with:
ISO 10993-1
UPS class VI
FDA 177.26
EC 1925/2004
RoHs 2 Annex II (2011/65/EU)

PA5 plastic in accordance with:
1272/2008 (EU, CLP)
197/2006 Annex XVII

Protected under utility model:


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