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Our feet are indispensable for our daily life. We use them to keep our balance, to walk and to dance. But few of us realise how delicate they are, and how much they need specific care and great attention.

GENESIS is a medical appliance developed to exploit the properties of ultrasound, photocatalysis and magnetotherapy for specific therapeutic applications focusing on the feet and legs.

The technological platform is easy to use and highly effective. The remote control allows the desired programme to be set and means treatment can be started while the user remains comfortably seated.

GENESIS can be used by medical and paramedical personnel and even patients (if correctly informed on the methods of use of the appliance). The device has been devised and designed to be used in various settings, including outpatient departments, when having a treatment at a spa or physio clinic, or even at home.

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Using ultrasound, photocatalysis and magnotherapy, the programmes of the GENESIS platform help to combat several pathologies, including bunions, retroachilles bursitis, hammer toe, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, diabetic foot, Charcot foot, Haglund’s syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, heel spur and Achilles tendinitis.

Magnetotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that uses electromagnetic energy, stimulating tissue regeneration. It also acts on bone tissues, lymphatic tissues and muscles, accelerating trophism and promoting the rehabilitation process.

Ultrasound therapy, with the stimulation current, is one of the most common forms of physical therapy treatment. Ultrasound therapy is classified as mechanical thermal therapy. According to the therapy parameters (frequency, type of emission, intensity, duration and method of treatment), we can obtain a thermal effect or a micro-massage in the segments of the treated tissue. The thermal effects increase not only the superficial but also the deep structures.

Photocatalysis light — and, in particular, intense blue light with infrareds — has the capacity to selectively destroy tissues that have previously been treated with a photosensitising agent (ALA). Blue light used with infrareds has proved extremely effective in the treatment of skin ulcers, moderate forms of acne and against skin ageing, and accelerating the post-surgical healing of wounds and after peeling treatments and laser surgery. This can even be done without an activator (ALA), exploiting infrared light’s ability to improve tissue metabolism and that of blue light to bind the bacteria that cause acne and are responsible for the inflammatory phases of the illness, reducing it considerably.

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