Project Description



SONICLIFE is one of the latest additions to WaivLength’s range of medical devices, taking the completeness of our therapy to the next level with the addition of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). This device specifically targets the hands, wrists and lower arms, applying PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) in conjunction with blue and red-light phototherapy and ultrasound therapy, with the optional addition of TENS. 

The patient simply has to choose their program option from a range optimised for various pathologies, place their hands on the emitters and relax. During treatment, the patient or therapist can adjust the power of the TENS output to a comfortable level. The added benefit of this technology is that it works in synergy with the ultrasound waves to increase the effectiveness of both therapies. Similarly, the pulsing of electromagnetic fields synchronised with the red and blue-light phototherapy complement one another making the total effect greater than the sum of its parts. 

As with the SONIMED, SONICLIFE also has sockets for the attachment of specialised adapters such as magnetic light diffusers and ultrasound emitters which can be used on all parts of the body. These attachments can even be used to apply specialised treatments to other areas of the body while the patient is receiving treatment via the hand emitters on the main console of the device. 

We also offer a wide range of optional extras for the application of high frequency (HF) magnetotherapy to specific parts of the body, including vests, leg pads, arm pads, neck bands, face bands, shoulder and knee bands, and even mattress covers so patients can have the benefits of HF pulsed magnetic fields applied to the entire body whilst they sleep. 

This device is particularly useful for patients with chronic hand or wrist conditions who would like to be able to continue their treatment at home. The simple interface makes it easy to apply treatments at the click of a button, without the need for prior medical training. This is massively beneficial for those with mobility issues for whom it is difficult to make the daily trip to their local hospital or clinic to receive therapy. It can also help save on the costs of private treatments. 

With the addition of the optional magneto-light and ultrasound adapters, SONICLIFE can also be a highly versatile tool for the therapy of all types of injuries to the muscles, joints, cartilage and bones throughout the body, as well as the application of cosmetic treatments for the skin and cellulite reduction. This makes it an ideal option for doctors, physiotherapists and clinicians alike, and a great addition to any therapist’s range of equipment. Athletes can also use this device to increase the speed of recovery after workouts and training. 

The device features 8 programs for conditions affecting hands and wrists, with settings tailored to optimise the combination of ultrasound, magnetotherapy, phototherapy and TENS for each specific pathology. SONICLIFE also has 3 programs for use with the optional ultrasound and magneto-light adapters; 2 universal ultrasound programs both with adjustable power and pulse rate settings and one universal magneto-light program with adjustable power and frequency. The device has 2 adapter sockets, giving the device the versatility to be able to apply both ultrasound and magnetic light treatments whilst also treating the hands and wrists via the main console. 

Electrical Power Supply: 230 V  

AC Power Supply Frequency: 50 Hz  

Absorbed Power: 50 W 

Electrical Insulation Class: II 

Type of Parts Applied: BF 

Internal Fuse: 800 MA/250V 

LF Magnetotherapy Operating Frequencies: 1-100 Hz 

LF Flow Density Max: 200 Gauss PP 

Radiated Cmp: 1-100 Gauss 

Working Frequency Magneto HF (Carrier): 20 MHz 

Working Frequency Magneto HF: 450-10000 Hz 

HF Flow Density Max: 7 MW (On Resistive Load 75 Ohm) 

Degree of Protection: IP21 

CMP HF Irradiated: 3 MW (On Resistive Load 75 Ohm) 

Working Frequency Phototherapy: 1-100 Hz 

Wavelength: 420-620 NM/P 

Working Frequency Ultrasound: 1 MHz 

Waveform: Pulsed – Continuous 

Duty Cycle – Duty Factor: 20 ÷ 100%    0.20 ÷ 1,00 

Maximum Output Power (Corresponding to 100% Supply): 2.5 W/cm 2 

Diameter of Ultrasonic Issuing Surfaces: 50 mm 

Electrostimulation Frequency: 1 KHz (Sine Wave) 

Electrostimulation Voltage (Manual Adjustment from 0 to 100%): 100 VPP (Maximum Amplitude) 

Electrostimulation Current (Minimum Increase 0,5 Ma): 70 MA (Maximum Amplitude) 

Duration of the Impulse: 0.5 Seconds 

Pulsed Frequency Repeat: 1 Hz 

Impedance: 1000 Ohm 

Photocatalysis Issuers Area: 20 cm2 

Magneto Issuers Area: 25.2 cm2 

Ultrasound Effective Radiation Area: 36.9 cm2 

Programs: 10 

Maximum Duration of Programs: 10-45 Minutes 

SONICLIFE is the ultimate treatment device for the hands, combating all types of pain and discomfort caused by arthrosis and inflammation, including chronic pain in the hands, wrists, elbows and even pain from fibromyalgia. Thanks to its ultrasound, magnetotherapy, red light LLLT (low-level laser therapy), blue light phototherapy and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technologies, SONICLIFE can relieve users’ pain in a simple manner directly at their homes. 

Using its ultrasound, TENS, magnetotherapy and LLLT phototherapy technologies, SONICLIFE can treat a range of ailments, including trigger finger, osteoarthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, De Quervain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, rhizarthrosis, algodystrophy and fibromyalgia. 


Ultrasound therapy is one of the most common forms of physical therapy treatment. When tissue is exposed to ultrasound, the sound waves cause a micro-vibration within the tissue. This vibration creates heat energy that increases blood flow to the area, causing an increase in oxygen and chemicals that are essential for healing the damaged tissue. As well as increasing blood flow, ultrasound speeds up the transport of chemicals from the blood into the damaged tissue to promote healing. This process helps to build new tissue and ensure the proper alignment of the tissue fibres so that full strength and flexibility are restored.  


Magnetotherapy promotes tissue regeneration and stimulates natural organic defences, producing its therapeutic effects by re-establishing order in a sector that is presumably in magnetic disorder. Magnetotherapy acts on bone tissues, lymphatic tissues and muscles, accelerating trophism and promoting the rehabilitation process. It is also ideal for treating phlogistic (inflammatory), traumatic and degenerative pathologies of the osteoarticular and musculotendinous apparatus. Pulsed magnetic fields improve osteogenesis (the formation of bone), favouring the increase in vascular supply (hyper-vascularisation) and an increase in bone resistance. Magnotherapy also lowers the risk of blood clots.  


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy and a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. The electrical impulses help reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain by temporarily ‘switching off’ the nerve endings of the affected area, thus helping to relieve pain and relax muscles. These impulses also stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.  


Phototherapy (LLTS) 

Blue light used with red has proved extremely effective in the treatment of skin ulcers, moderate forms of acne and skin ageing, as well as accelerating the post-surgical healing of wounds and afterpeeling treatments and laser surgery. Phototherapy also improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues to promote healing. It can help to ease pain, relieve inflammation and protect against oxidative stress. Red light is thought by many experts to offer not only an anti-inflammatory effect at the point of use, but also throughout the system. A recent study published in the Journal of Novel Physiotherapies confirms a pain reduction of more than 75% if LLLT is applied to the hands. 


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