Project Description



SONICLIFE is one of the latest additions to WaivLength’s range of medical devices, taking the completeness of our therapy to the next level with the addition of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). This device specifically targets the hands, wrists and lower arms, applying PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) in conjunction with blue and red-light phototherapy and ultrasound therapy, with the optional addition of TENS.

The patient simply has to choose their program option from a range optimised for various pathologies, place their hands on the emitters and relax. During treatment, the patient or therapist can adjust the power of the TENS output to a comfortable level. The added benefit of this technology is that it works in synergy with the ultrasound waves to increase the effectiveness of both therapies. Similarly, the pulsing of electromagnetic fields synchronised with the red and blue-light phototherapy complement one another making the total effect greater than the sum of its parts.

As with the SONIMED, SONICLIFE also has sockets for the attachment of specialised adapters such as magnetic light diffusers and ultrasound emitters which can be used on all parts of the body. These attachments can even be used to apply specialised treatments to other areas of the body while the patient is receiving treatment via the hand emitters on the main console of the device.

We also offer a wide range of optional extras for the application of high frequency (HF) magnetotherapy to specific parts of the body, including vests, leg pads, arm pads, neck bands, face bands, shoulder and knee bands, and even mattress covers so patients can have the benefits of HF pulsed magnetic fields applied to the entire body whilst they sleep.

With the addition of the optional magneto-light and ultrasound adapters, SONICLIFE can also be a highly versatile tool for the therapy of all types of injuries to the muscles, joints, cartilage and bones throughout the body, as well as the application of cosmetic treatments for the skin and cellulite reduction. This makes it an ideal option for doctors, physiotherapists and clinicians alike, and a great addition to any therapist’s range of equipment. Athletes can also use this device to increase the speed of recovery after workouts and training.

The device features 8 programs for conditions affecting hands and wrists, with settings tailored to optimise the combination of ultrasound, magnetotherapy, phototherapy and TENS for each specific pathology. SONICLIFE also has 3 programs for use with the optional ultrasound and magneto-light adapters; 2 universal ultrasound programs both with adjustable power and pulse rate settings and one universal magneto-light program with adjustable power and frequency. The device has 2 adapter sockets, giving the device the versatility to be able to apply both ultrasound and magnetic light treatments whilst also treating the hands and wrists via the main console.

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