Project Description



SONIMED is a complete and effective system for simultaneously offering magnetotherapy, infrared and blue light phototherapy, and utilising ultrasound therapy for the treatment of a wide range of conditions throughout the entire body, as well as sports recovery and cosmetic treatments.

The intuitive interface has a list of pre-set programs for a wide range of pathologies and cosmetic treatments so that medical professionals can easily apply therapies at the click of a button without the need to manually set the power, frequency and pulse rate for each treatment session.

The device has a range of attachments for the application of ultrasound, magnetotherapy and phototherapy, as well as our innovative magneto-light therapy — the combination of pulsed electromagnetic fields, synchronised with infrared and blue-light phototherapy to create a synergistic effect and increase the effectiveness of these treatments when used in conjunction with one another.

We also offer a wide range of optional extras for the application of high frequency (HF) magnetotherapy to specific parts of the body, including vests, leg pads, arm pads, neck bands, face bands, shoulder and knee bands, and even mattress covers so that patients can have the benefits of HF pulsed magnetic fields applied to the entire body whilst they sleep.

This device is also particularly useful for physiotherapists, as it is a highly versatile tool for the treatment of all types of injuries to the nerves, muscles, joints, cartilage and bones. It can also be used in conjunction with traditional treatments to optimise their effects. An incredibly effective example of this is by leveraging the effects of sonophoresis — the use of ultrasound waves to increase the absorption of topical medicines and pharmaceutical drugs to boost their effects on the treated area. Athletes can use this device to increase the speed of recovery after workouts and training.

SONIMED is also ideal for clinicians and beauty therapists in the application of many types of cosmetic treatments over the entire body, being particularly effective in combating many types of skin conditions, reducing cellulite and applying anti-ageing treatments to the skin. Another massive benefit of this device for the cosmetic sector is that it can be used for diffusion — a similar principle to sonophoresis, which increases the penetration of creams and other topical applications into the dermis, greatly intensifying the effects of the products.

The device features 51 therapeutic programs, 54 cosmetic programs and 12 adjustable groups of magneto-light programs treating a variety of conditions, as well as universal settings for the application of an almost unlimited number of other treatments. SONIMED has 2 adapter sockets, giving the device the versatility to be able to apply both ultrasound and magneto-light treatments at the same time and to activate each as required.

Power Supply: 230 V AC 

Acoustic Working Frequency: 1MHz and 3MHz  

Power Adjustment: 0÷100%  

Modulation: Pulsating, Continuous 

Effective Ultrasound Radiation Area: 19.62 cm2 / 7.06 cm2 

Absorbed Power: 50W 

Maximum Output Power: 2.5W 

Modulation Frequency: 10÷100% 

Diameter of Ultrasound Emission Surface: 50 mm / 30 mm 

Magnetic Working Frequency: 15-100 Hz 

Radiated PMF: 20-40 Gauss 

Photocatalysis (Light) Working Frequency: 10-15-20 Hz 

Modulation Frequency: 10÷100% 

Photocatalysis Emission Area: 40 cm2/ 6 cm2  

Magnetic Emission Area: 12.6 cm2/ 7.06 cm2 

SONIMED uses these latest-generation treatments to create a deep regenerating effect that stimulates the natural defences of the body and skin, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and promotes accelerated healing. Ultrasound therapy is a physiotherapy technology that uses the biological effects produced by ultrasounds for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. SONIMED also harnesses the power of magnetotherapy and phototherapy. Magnetotherapy uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate tissue regeneration, whilst phototherapy optimises tissue metabolism to promote photo rejuvenation. 


Ultrasound therapy is one of the most common forms of physical therapy treatment. When tissue is exposed to ultrasound, the sound waves cause a micro-vibration within the tissue. This vibration creates heat energy that increases blood flow to the area, causing an increase in oxygen and chemicals that are essential for healing the damaged tissue. As well as increasing blood flow, ultrasound speeds up the transport of chemicals from the blood into the damaged tissue to promote healing. This process helps to build new tissue and ensure the proper alignment of the tissue fibres so that full strength and flexibility are restored.  


Magnetotherapy promotes tissue regeneration and stimulates natural organic defences, producing its therapeutic effects by re-establishing order in a sector that is presumably in magnetic disorder. Magnetotherapy acts on bone tissues, lymphatic tissues and muscles, accelerating trophism and promoting the rehabilitation process. It is also ideal for treating phlogistic (inflammatory), traumatic and degenerative pathologies of the osteoarticular and musculotendinous apparatus. Pulsed magnetic fields improve osteogenesis (the formation of bone), favouring the increase in vascular supply (hyper-vascularisation) and an increase in bone resistance. Magnotherapy also lowers the risk of blood clots.  


Phototherapy — and, in particular, intense blue light with infrareds — has the capacity to selectively destroy tissues that have previously been treated with a photosensitising agent (ALA). Blue light used with infrareds has proved extremely effective in the treatment of skin ulcers, moderate forms of acne and skin ageing, as well as accelerating the post-surgical healing of wounds and after peeling treatments and laser surgery. Phototherapy improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues to promote healing. It can help to ease pain, relieve inflammation and protect against oxidative stress.

Varicose Veins

Bicep Tendinitis 
Bone Fractures 
Bronchial Asthma 
Bursitis of the Greater Trochanter 
Capsulitis-Bursitis of the Shoulder Joint 
Cervical Spondylosis 
De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis 
Deltoid Bursitis and Pathologies of the Deltoid Muscle 
Distal Triceps Tendinitis 
Enthesitis of the Greater Trochanter  
Extensor Tendinitis 
Facial Exfoliation 
Facial Massage 
Fire of Saint Anthony 
Flexor Tendinitis 
Impact Sculpting and Maintenance 
Insertional Tendinitis of the Anterior Rectum 
Intercostal Pain 
Jaw Pain 
Magnetic Light 
Medial Epicondylitis 
Menstrual Cramps 
Muscular Atrophy 
Muscular Pathologies of the Rotor Cuff and Brachial Tricep 
Musculoskeletal Pain 
Myotendinous Pathologies of the Forearm 
Occipital Neuralgia 
Olecranon Bursitis  
Orange Peel Skin 
Outer and Inner Arm 
Outer and Inner Thigh 
Pain in the Fingers 
Pain in the Parascapular Region  
Pain in the Sacroiliac Region 
Patellar Tendinitis  
Patellofemoral Arthrosis 
Patellofemoral Chondropathy 
Pathologies of the Collateral Lateral Ligament 
Pathologies of the Collateral Lateral Ligament and the Iliotibial Band Femorotibial Arthrosis  
Pathologies of the Flexor Muscles 
Pathologies of the Lateral Compartment of the Ankle 
Pathologies of the Triceps Surae Muscle 
Pes Anserine Tendinitis-Bursitis (Goosefoot) 
Pes Anserinus Tendinopathy 
Phototherapy Facial and Body Treatment 
Phototherapy Pulsed Light 
Polyarthrosis of the Hand Joints 
Prepatellar Bursitis 
Quadricep Muscle Pathologies 
Rough Skin 
Scalp Stimulation 
Skin Rejuvenation 
Skin Smoothing 
Stretch Marks 
Subpatellar Bursitis 
Temporomandibular Pain 
Tendinopathies of the Long Head of the Biceps and Rotor Cuff 
Tendinopathy of the Leg Biceps  
Tendinopathy of the Popliteus Muscle 
Trapeziometacarpal Arthrosis 
Trapezius Myalgia 
Vertebral Pain 

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