Whether you have been ‘shielding’ and need a higher level of protection, have previously had COVID-19 and want to keep yourself safe in the future, are a business owner looking to protect your staff as they return to the workplace or you are just tired of buying unsustainable and expensive single-use masks — we have the answer. Our innovative mask is the first reusable mask in the UK that can be sterilised in just five minutes, without the need for disinfectant or hand sanitiser.

The WaivLength O ³14 Ozonator is an air sterilisation unit that works by bonding oxygen (O2) molecules to form ozone (O3), killing a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses. Through this method, the O ³14 can sterilise an entire room in a matter of minutes.

Our Steriline hand sanitising gel is designed to kill any germs or bacteria present on the area to which it is applied. It contains 75% alcohol and has been proven to be effective in containing the transient microbial flora of the skin which can be harmful to humans.

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