Sports Recovery


Whether in a gym, sports club or other setting working out is an important part of many peoples’ lives and businesses. Using Magnetic Light programs can help people get the most out of their work outs and increase the speed of our bodies abilities to recover from working out, causing blood to flow to our muscles and helping restore normal cellular activity means your customers can push harder, faster and for longer when working out.

Most people have those days when their muscles feel tight and sore. Our devices can help relax these muscles by massaging deep inside the tissues, warming up the affected area and increasing blood circulation, meaning you can go harder at the gym, more frequently.

Whilst working out and competing in sports two things can occur within our muscles:

Firstly they can become torn and damaged. If muscles are not allowed to rest, larger wounds in the muscle may occur resulting in missed training time, decreased vitality, and reduction in performance.

Secondly, waste products that lead to a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the cells accumulate in the muscle tissue. This also leads to a breakdown in training and performance.

Using WaivLength devices can improve blood circulation and the regeneration of tissues that can aid in healing and stimulation of the metabolism that in turn can lead to the faster removal of waste and an improvement in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This regenerative effect can lead to safer, quicker recovery after training or competition and increased performance during training and competition.