Reusable Medical Silicone Face Mask & Replaceable FFP2 Filters

Did you know that reusable face coverings like cloth masks are not tested for efficiency at all? Even the Type-IIR disposable surgical masks, which promise 98% efficiency, can only base this claim on exhaled particles — meaning they are certified to prevent the user from infecting those around them but not to protect the user themselves.

This 98% efficiency rating is also based on ‘bacterial filtering efficiency’, but the airborne aerosol droplets that COVID-19 is transmitted in are only about one micron in size — three times smaller than the bacteria Type-IIR masks are designed to capture!

Disposable FFP2 masks, on the other hand, are designed to capture particles 10 times smaller than standard surgical masks and offer two-way filtration to protect both you and the people around you. However, single-use FFP2 masks are expensive and create a substantial amount of waste.

For the sustainability, budget and health-conscious, this creates a dilemma. Do you continue buying expensive disposable surgical masks that will eventually end up in landfill or purchase a reusable mask that offers less protection?

Our innovative mask solves this problem by providing a reusable and sterilisable medical silicone face mask with replaceable FFP2 filters — offering complete protection in a sustainable, affordable and convenient solution.