Sonimed and Soniclife devices offer a unique assortment of treatments for cellulite. Starting with Ultrasound you can pick an all-in-one treatment tailored for various body parts. For a more in-depth treatment, with Sonimed you also can choose from one of 14 sets of programmes with a programme designed to treat certain types and aspects of cellulite and water retention including:


  • Treatment of all advanced stages of localised cellulite, especially in cases of soft or loose cellulite.
  • Treatment of hard or solid cellulite. 
  • Treatment and reduction of hard to shift fat 
  • For the rapid reduction of water retention and removal of broken-down cellulite and toxins
  • For maintaining session cycles already carried out to maintain results already achieved. 

These programs should be followed by a combination of Magnetotherapy and Phototherapy to maximise results and in particular to take the treatment a step further using the lipo-reducing effect of magnetotherapy combined with Magnetotherapy and Phototherapy’s ability to improve cellular activation and improve blood flow which is an important factor for the treatment of cellulite.