Our tagline is more than just a statement; it is a core value that runs through the ethos of WaivLength and drives everything we do as a company.

We set up WaivLength in response to the current coronavirus situation — a shock pandemic (at least for the general public) that has affected almost every part of the world. Suddenly, we have all found ourselves incredibly vulnerable and relatively powerless in our abilities to contain and stop a silent enemy that is all around us.

In times like these, the desire to protect ourselves and our loved ones is innate. We all remain aware, alert and collectively eager to take the extra precautions necessary to tackle coronavirus (or indeed any other novel viruses that are likely to emerge over the coming years).

The dilemma

One of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others is through the wearing of a face covering — as mandated by the Government and now a familiar sight in any indoor space. However, as a fairly new concept in the UK, the choice of masks on offer can often cause confusion, with many unsure of the levels of protection they offer or how to use them safely.

For the sustainability and health-conscious, the current crisis and myriad conflicting advice also creates a dilemma: do you continue buying disposable medical-grade masks that pollute the environment or purchase an eco-friendlier reusable mask that offers less protection? Comfort is also a concern, leading some to choose a comfortable fit over adequate protection.

Why should there be a compromise?

To tackle these concerns, we have developed a completely reusable, silicone face mask with replaceable filters.

Our mask is the first reusable mask in the UK that can be sterilised in just five minutes — without the need for disinfectant or a >75% alcohol hand sanitiser. Simply put the face mask in a microwave, oven or boiling water to sterilise it ready for reuse with the addition of a replacement filter.

The mask itself is made from medical silicone, a material that has highly efficient antimicrobial properties and is commonly used in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors. This permanently antimicrobial surface reduces bad odours caused by sweating, as well as the risk of infection.

Thanks to the malleable nature of silicone and the adjustable two-strap design, our masks also offer a supremely comfortable fit and secure seal so that you can stay protected without hurting your ears or nose!

Complete protection

We also realise that many people will be seeking different levels of protection from their face mask depending on their own circumstances. Those who have been ‘shielding’ or who have previously had COVID-19 will likely want a higher level of protection, while others may just want a sustainable and inexpensive (yet effective) solution to use every day.

Our medical silicone face masks are designed to be used with our replaceable FFP2 filters, which last up to six hours and can be changed after each use. These filters have a small material mass compared to disposable masks — helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Combined with the reusable face mask, our filters offer complete protection to both you and the people around you in a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly solution.

We are proud to have created a product offering that is comfortable, accessible, sustainable and — above all — safe. Through these products, we aim to ensure everyone has access to clean and inexpensive personal protection equipment, preventing the prolonged use of disposable masks which increases the risk of contamination and damages the environment.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge protective equipment to help aid the COVID-19 crisis. To find out more about us or our product range, please get in touch today.