For many of us, the current pandemic and consequent mask-wearing create a dilemma.

We, of course, want to protect ourselves and others — but we still want to feel comfortable as we go about our daily lives. We want an inexpensive yet hygienic and convenient solution. The environmentally aware amongst us will also be increasingly concerned about the growing use of disposable masks and seeking a more sustainable solution.

WaivLength Covid MaskChoosing your face mask wisely is, therefore, essential.

Our innovative mask solves these problems by providing an affordable, comfortable and completely reusable face mask with replaceable filters. At the core of our mask design is the proven technology of medical-grade silicone.

Let us look at the science…

Silicone is an elastomer: a polymer material that displays rubber-like elasticity, which can stretch and then regain its original shape. Unlike plastics, silicone does not create ‘microplastics’ — small, sometimes microscopic pieces of plastic that may contaminate drinking water and affect ecosystems.

This unique material is best known for being durable, versatile and non-reactive. It is also both temperature and water-resistant, two important characteristics that mean particles cannot seep through it when exposed to heat or water.

Silicone has become increasingly popular in healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial and consumer applications. When used in these settings, the material must be biocompatible and meet stringent requirements for it to be considered medical-grade or food-grade silicone.

Crucially, unlike regular silicone, medical-grade silicone also actively combats bacterial strains growing on its surface thanks to its antimicrobial properties. How?

Mask Instructions

Streams of silver ions in the medical silicone rubber absorb bacteria and microbes by breaking down their cell walls and inhibiting the development of the micro-organisms. The silver ions provide ongoing protection by preventing further contamination and colonisation on the surface of the medical silicone.

But what does this mean for you?

Since medical silicone is proven to prevent the growth of E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and many other viruses and bacteria, hygiene levels can be vastly improved through its use. As well as reducing infection, the antimicrobial surface also reduces unpleasant odours caused by sweating, whilst the elasticity of the material means it can be moulded easily.

Plus, as silicone does not create any microplastics, it lasts much longer than plastic — making it a more sustainable and high-quality alternative.

However, one of the most significant advantages of this material is that it can be sterilised quickly and conveniently without the need for disinfectant or a >75% alcohol hand sanitiser.

These benefits all make medical silicone the ideal material for face masks.